Das Keyboard Ultimate had arrived

This is like a fixie for nerds.

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VFD tube clock that I made and my 5 year old quickly stole.

My friends get me.

Merry Christmas

Bout to annoy the shit out my co-workers.

Man walks down the street in that hat, people know he’s not afraid of anything. (Taken with Instagram at Max’s Cave Of Infinite Sorrow)

Top In-App Purchases


  • Giant Sack of Addiction $29.99
  • Gems or Whatever $5.99
  • Poker Chips Except You’re on The Bus And Not in A Casino Right Now $2.99
  • 50 Dignities $4.99
  • Package of 5,000 just total bullshit $9.99
  • Medium Tits $7.99
  • Not Even Playing The Game Superpack $24.99
  • Bushel of Smurf Semen $3.99
  • 10 Dollars $14.99

I was reminded of this today and felt I needed it on my dash.

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Anybody know where I can get a bulldog sized luchador mask for This aggression against Max will not stand.

Italian crack (Taken with Instagram)

Awwwww yisssss on Flickr.Fried chicken sammich from Keller’s Ad Hoc recipe.

Awwwww yisssss on Flickr.

Fried chicken sammich from Keller’s Ad Hoc recipe.

Ya can’t come in.

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It’s bingo time, y’all.

All I need is a cup holder belt and it’s only wednesday.

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